Hi there! I'm Melinda :)

Melinda FilonukHi, I'm Melinda Filonuk, Sr Production Designer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, UX/UI Generalist, and Mother. In my current position I am responsible for all print setup of products while lending my experience to mentor younger designers. Outside of my position, I work with early entrepreneurs to bring visual identities to their businesses.

I have extensive experience in many areas of both the print industry and the digital entertainment industry, and easily can meet the creative demands of both fields. I have a great passion for telling stories and I strive on bringing joy to my clients and their audiences. It is second nature to me as a designer to ensure that my designs are easily understood and have the most benefits for the most people. Whether it is a short film I am editing or a tech pack I am setting up for print, I always have the audience’s pleasure as my main goal for the end of the project.

I have always been quick at analyzing situations and finding solutions that overcome blockades while maintaining a fun personality. This has made it easy for me to mentor younger designers and run photo and video shoots. I however am never comfortable in any level of knowledge and am always striving to grow my skills and broaden my expertise so I can be a master at my craft.

My eyes are always on the perception the end user will have of the final designs. With that, I bring a forward thinking mindset and a dedicated work ethic, as well a honed eye for details to every team I have the pleasure to be a part of.

Digital Skills

Design Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, and Dreamweaver

UX/UI Software: Adobe XD and Figma

Project Management Tools: Monday.com and Asana

Additional Skills

Photography, Social Media Marketing, Drawing, Sewing, and Basic HTML and CSS.